About the Founder

Thyaga Rajan 

Ecom Expert, Digital Sales Strategist, Drop Shipping Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author & Trainer


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Who I am


Basically I am a Mechanical Engineer having 25+ Experience in leading multi national companies; I started my E-Commerce Business  after my journey with automotive companies and I have expanded my customer base across Globe within very short period of time. The reason is simple. Stunning Designs, Quick Delivery, Branded SEO contents blended with Ecommerce specialization & Digital marketing strategies.

When I started Researching for the untold secrets of Online  marketing, I unfortunately found superb ways about How to Make The Customers to Chase Me for My Services! 


Then I made more & more analysis and spending around 5 lakhs rupees , I Founded about How To Become  SELF MADE MARKETER  - In addition, I also found How To Outsource the Digital Marketing Works at lesser cost .


Above All, As I made my self  as an online marketer, I know how to analyse & monitor the outsourced activities.

Why I do this


After working with more than 100+ online marketing tools and spent 5 Lakhs Rupees in the past 2 years, I have created a system using which Anyone can get their online presence using AI web platforms @ affordable cost  & do daily updates with simple back end windows; Every website provides Inbuilt SEO optimization features & Marketing Integrations. All things can be easily managed by applying  Easy To Use Tools powered by Artificial Intelligence.


By This way, Anyone can make the customers to chase them for their services. My Simple concept is Everyone have the right to have their online presence in a cost effective way.


Now, My Clients are getting the results of Online Success only for this Simple Reason: They merely spend JUST 1 HOUR A DAY on the internet towards their goals.

Right now, we have dozens of different customers in almost every industry like  Business Owners, Manufacturers, Retail shop owners, Doctors, Engineering Consultants, Lawyers Etc


Like Rajesh, who is selling lakhs of Rupees medical products every week through his own E-commerce platform which is built by his own effort under my step-by-step guidance.


And Dr.Subasree is running a successful Clinic and getting New Clients every week, Even from abroad across Globe. She is achieving this by simple blogging with resourceful contents.

What I can do for you


Here’s what you’re going to discover from My Experience:-

My part & our Team effort is ready to help you in supporting for designing exclusive  premium themes with advanced Inbuilt SEO optimization features & Marketing Integrations.

In addition, You will get the following Know-How's:


  • 100 Ways to reatin your clients by not having the awareness about Digital Technologies

  • The Untold secrets which will make you succeed in online marketing on your own

  • Why you need to Unlock the secrets of Easy Tools powered by Artificial Intelligence  to make your online web presence more easy &  save lakhs of money spending while outsourcing

  • 1 Page  Online Success Formula Overview &  How to Create your own online presence successfully & make yourself as an Irresistible personality in the online business

  • What makes you unique digitally, to attract new visitors to your retail shop or consulting business to enable to make you moving towards more revenue  

  • How To Use Artificial Intelligence Powered Tools To Create Your Contents & convert visitors in to your Customers / Clients and To retain the existing customers for life time through automated systems?

  • List of Easy To Use Free Tools & Paid Tools To Make You More Powerful on the Web

  • ‘Self Made Marketer’ Club membership – Free offer &  Live Registration and Bonus offer Code's’  

  • Review of The Untold secrets &  Vision Setting based on your own custom inputs about the ecommerce difficulties and custom analyzing of getting clients online –This is very very important to make you more powerful on the web & To Get Rich


By going through the above, you’ll have a step-by-step game plan to develop your online presence ,Attract New customers &  Sell your products or services through Online .